Ugly Music for Beautiful People 12-06-05 Playlist

This week, I just played ambient music.

William Baskinski – d|p 3 – The Disintegration Loops
fm3 – untitled – Buddah Box
Brian Eno – 2/1 – Ambient #1 Music for Airports
Brian Eno & Harold Budd – The Plateaux of Mirror – Ambient #3 The Plateaux of Mirror
Windy & Carl – Sketch for Flea – Dedications to Flea
Greg Davis – Campestral (version two) – Somnia
Robert Henke – Signal to Noise 2 – Signal to Noise

One thought on “Ugly Music for Beautiful People 12-06-05 Playlist”

  1. The show was quite good. My wife is not a fan of the Disintegration Loops (much like Shaun, I suppose), but I was digging it.

    Good work.

    The buddhamachine stuff was cool. Did you order the box?

    Do you ever mess around with writing music?

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