Ugly Music for Beautiful People 12-10-05 Playlist

This was a special “Year in Review” edition of Ugly Music for Beautiful People. I think it went well.

Sunn0))) – CandleGoat – Black One
Konono No. 1 – Ungudi Wele Wele – Congotronics
Koji Asano – Spring Estuary II – Spring Estuary
Red Sparowes – Buildings began to stretch wide across the sky, and the air filled with a reddish glow – At the Soundless Dawn
Pelican – Aurora Borealis – The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
Wilderness – Marginal Hour – Wilderness
The Pope – Society of Friends – Society of Friends
The Peppermints – Rabid Frogs – Jesüs Chryst
The Fall – Blindness – Fall Heads Roll
Excepter – Jrone (three) – Throne
Excepter – Shoot Me First – Self-Destruction
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Stereo Music for Acoustic Guitar, Buchala Music Box 100, Hewlett Packard Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar and Computer, Part One – Multiples
Jane – Berserker – Berserker
Animal Collective & Vashti Bunyan – It’s You – Prospect Hummer EP
Animal Collective – Turn Into Something – Feels
The Mars Volta – L’Via L’Viaquez – Frances the Mute
Lightning Bolt – Captain Caveman – Hypermagic Mountain
Black Dice – Motorcycle – Broken Ear Record
Gang Gang Dance – Egowar – God’s Money
Six Organs of Admittance – School of the Flower – School of the Flower

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