01/19/06 show

This week’s show

This was my first show in my new timeslot, 9pm to 11pm on Thursdays. It was also the first show that will be podcast.

Black Forest/Black Sea – Inepta – Invisible Pyramid: Elegy Box
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic – Sound Valentine – Birdsongs of the Mesozoic EP
Faust – Jennifer – Faust IV
Arab on Radar – Semen on the Mount – Yahweh or the Highway
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice – The Flood – The Flood
William Basinski – d|p 2.1 – The Disintegration Loops (disc 1)
Minsk – Wisp of Tow – Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead Nor Alive
Four Tet – A Joy – Everything Ecstatic
Glenn Branca – Light Field (In Consonance) – The Ascension
Charalambides – Black Pope – Our Bed is Green
The Flying Luttenbachers – thrumm’d HTE (for M) – Systems Emerge from Complete Disorder
Black Dice – Seabird – Beaches and Canyons
T-Tauri – Revelation – Infinite Motion
Lightning Bolt – Fleeing the Valley of the Whirling Knives – Lightning Bolt
Earth – An Inquest Concerning Teeth – Hex ;or Printing in the Infernal Method

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