03/02/06 Show

This week’s show

There were some technical difficulties with the first part of the show. A loose wire caused the left channel to be very very quiet.

Brian Eno & Jah Wobble – Like Organza – Spinner
Chicago Underground Duo – Cities Without Citadels – In Praise of Shadows
Magik Markers – California Side (Excerpt) – A Panegyric to the Things I Do Not Understand
Minsk – Waging War on Forever – Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead Nor Alive
Cul de Sac – The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, CA – I Am the Resurrection: A Tribute to John Fahey
Koji Asano – January Rainbow – Cold Winter Mix Version – www.kojiasano.com
Wolf Eyes – Dead Hills – Dead Hills EP
Maxence Cyrin – Windowlicker (Aphex Twin Cover) – Domino 10 Day sampler
Earth – The Dire and Ever Circling Wolves – Hex ;or Printing in the Infernal Method
Hella – Biblical Violence – Hold Your Horse Is
Urdog – The Open – Invisible Pyramid: Elegy Box
Archimedes Badkar – Tva Varldar – Archimedes Badkar II
Jonathan Kane – Pops – February
xbxrx – Fabricated Progression – Sixth in Sixes
Dysrhythmia – Heat Sink – Pretest
Brian McBride – The Guilt of Uncomplicated Thoughts – When the Detail Lost Its Freedom

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