A-State, Rep Your Shit: Tippy Canoe

Anytime any motherfucker disses on Arkansas, I raise three fingers and say “Johnny Cash, Al Green, Bill Clinton”. Works every time. Of course, there’s lots more awesome things in the awesome A-State, and that’s what “A-State, Rep Your Shit” is all about. This will be a series of posts where I talk about all the awesome music that comes out my home state.

I’m going to start off by talking about Tippy Canoe, the best new band out of Fayetteville, Arkansas in quite a while. They are three friends of mine (Jordan, Melanie and Audrey) who got tired of all Fayetteville bands being all dudes and decided to start a band. And it ruled. Their live shoes are a combination of twee folk pop and dirty-ass booty bass. It’s Tullycraft doing 2 Live Crew or something like that. They have some recordings that focus more on the folk side of the band, but are still pretty awesome. There’s 3 songs and 1 thing. They have them streaming on their Myspace and all are also downloadable, but downloading from MySpace doesn’t work right half of the time, so here are some ‘right-click, save-as” links for ya’.

Heterosexually in Love
Warm My Feet Up
Gag on a Cough
Sorry for Singing So Mean
Expired for now, but if anybody wants, I can repost it as a divshare zip or something. Just ask in the comments.

My friend Stuart (aka Timber aka Jordan’s boyfriend) did a live recording of a Tippy Canoe show from April. The fidelity is pretty raw, as it was done using his handheld tape recorder. But it’s still badass. Here’s the post (which has some other live recordings he’s done) and here’s the direct link to the file

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