Super Famicom

Super Famicom is a boy named PJ. He’s a pretty cool kid. He writes very good songs that recall Daniel Johnston, Adrian Orange, Little Wings and the people on that midwestern folk/punk circuit that I love so much. Here’s two songs from his album Emily Songs II. They’re lo-fi recordings, but he has some hi-fi stuff that is also really good streaming on his myspace page. If you like his music, you can order his CDs and tapes from his myspace.

Super Famicom – The Conception of Widowers (from Emily Songs II)
Super Famicom – Wrapped in the Bodies of Tormenters (from Emily Songs II)

2 thoughts on “Super Famicom”

  1. PJ is a great guy, although a little odd when he start his drinking ketchup out of jars at Steak and Shake. I think his music is awesome!

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