I’m influential!

5 million years ago, I did a avant-garde/experimental music radio show on KXUA called Ugly Music for Beautiful People (a name I liked so much, I’ve reused it for this blog). For a while, I podcasted the show and it gained a decently sized following. This was fairly early in the history of the podcast, and I was putting out 2 hour long shows. At that point in time, there weren’t many other dudes uploading 2 hour long shows filled with crazy new music on a weekly basis. So I filled a niche. Ever since I stopped doing it, I get the occasional email or blog post asking if I’ll ever start the show up again.

Well, today, this dude named Little Chris took it up a notch. He does a podcast devoted to music from the Midlands area of the UK. And he recently recorded a podcast that was inspired by the type of music I played on Ugly Music for Beautiful People. He even gives me a shoutout.

Download his podcast here:

And check the shoutout at about 3:30 in. I love hearing my name said with an English accent.

3 thoughts on “I’m influential!”

  1. I’m just making a guess at it– Ade Cock-ran?

    I’m downloading all your sets to listen to at work. Thank you.

  2. Not to take anything away from your musical education :), but Little Chris , if its one in the same as http://www.lilchris.co.uk/home/ isn’t exactly the coolest guy but i suppose thats not the point, congratulations , good job on sharing your taste

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