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Ugly Music for Beautiful People 7-13-05 Playlist

For those that do not know, this blog is named after a radio show I do each Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm central time on KXUA. From now on, I will be posting each weeks playlist on this blog rather than on my livejournal.

Metalux – Sunny Krakow – Victim of Space
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice – Paper Trail Blues – XIAO
The Thing – Garage – Have Love Will Travel (Sonics cover)
Swans – Weakling (live) – Speed Deals (comp.)
Thuja – Untitled II -All Strange Beasts of the Past
Mark Dresser & Denman Maroney – Harkemoney – Time Changes
Comets on Fire/Burning Star Core – Untitled A – Comets on Fire/Burning Star Core LP
The Peppermints – Rabid Frogs – Jesüs Chryst
The Peppermints – A. Hotel – Jesüs Chryst
The Peppermints – Cousin – Jesüs Chryst
Orthrelm – OV – OV
The Locust – Kill Roger Hedgecock – The Locust EP [request]
The Punks – Drop it Like It’s Hot – Thank You For the Alternative Rock
Sunburned Hand of the Man – Let Us Take it Higher – After the Medicine Show (comp.)