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The New Thing

So I decided that I am going to start doing some record sharity on this here blog. I’ll still use it to post my radio show playlists, but about once a week or so, I’ll throw up an album or some singles. I’m not sticking to any genre or theme. Instead I’ll be posting vinyl from my collection that is rare and out-of-print. I’m going to start out with a double shot: a Les Rallizes Denudes bootleg and a pair of singles on Lloyd Price’s Turntable from ’69.

Google bombing the election

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Jon Kyl Rick Renzi J.D. Hayworth John Doolittle Richard Pombo Brian Bilbray Marilyn Musgrave Doug Lamborn Rick O’Donnell Christopher Shays Vernon Buchanan Joe Negron Clay Shaw Bill Sali Peter Roskam Mark Kirk Dennis Hastert Chris Chocola John Hostettler Mike Whalen Jim Ryun Anne Northup Geoff Davis Michael Steele Gil Gutknecht Michele Bachmann Jim Talent Conrad Burns Jon Porter Charlie Bass Mike Ferguson Heather Wilson Peter King John Sweeney Tom Reynolds Randy Kuhl Robin Hayes Charles Taylor Steve Chabot Jean Schmidt Deborah Pryce Joy Padgett Melissa Hart Curt Weldon Mike Fitzpatrick Don Sherwood Lincoln Chafee Bob Corker George Allen Frank Wolf Mike McGavick Dave Reichert

End of Show Analysis

Tomorrow is the last time I will do Ugly Music for Beautiful People. I’m switching to a different show. It’s a psychedelic show on Saturdays from 2 to 4. I’ve been doing Ugly Music for Beautiful People since January 6th of 2005. That’s over a year and a half. I’m kinda tired of it, and am looking forward to doing something a bit different. However, I’ll always fondly remember my old show.

Tomorrows show will be podcast.

In memorium of its demise, here’s some analysis I did of my playlists:

Here are my 31 most played artists.
Rank Artists Number of Spins
1 The Peppermints 25
2 Excepter 22
3 Black Dice 19
4 Can 17
5 Lightning Bolt 16
6 The Pope 16
7 An Albatross 14
8 Animal Collective 14
9 Koji Asano 14
10 Gang Gang Dance 13
11 Six Organs of Admittance 13
12 Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice 13
13 Brian Eno 11
14 Wolf Eyes 11
15 Hella 10
16 Isis 9
17 King Crimson 9
18 Liars 9
19 Moondog 9
20 Sonic Youth 9
21 The Fall 9
22 Jason Forrest 8
23 SUNN 0))) 8
24 Jandek 7
25 Jane 7
26 Keith Fullerton Whitman 7
27 Konono No. 1 7
28 Miles Davis 7
29 Ocean 7
30 Red Sparowes 7
31 Zombi 7

The Peppermints take number 1, mostly because they played a show here a while back and I played the shit out of their album to help promote it. Also, their songs are very short, so whenever I played some Peppermints, I played several tracks.

Here’s my top played albums:
Rank Artist Album Number of Spins
1 The Peppermints Jesüs Chryst 23
2 v/a No New York 19
3 An Albatross Blessphemy (of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear Warp Kumite) 13
4 Lightning Bolt Hypermagic Mountain 11
5 Moondog The Viking of Sixth Avenue 9
6 Six Organs of Admittance School of the Flower 8
7 The Pope Jazzman Cometh EP 8
8 Gang Gang Dance God’s Money 7
9 The Pope Society of Friends 7
10 Black Dice Broken Ear Record 6
11 Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux Paquet Surprise 6
12 Isis Oceanic Remixes/Reinterpretations 6
13 Ocean Here Where Nothing Grows 6
14 Wizzardz Hidden City of Taurmond 6
15 AIDS Wolf The Lovvers LP 5
16 Excepter KA 5
17 Jane Berserker 5
18 Red Sparowes At the Soundless Dawn 5
19 Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians 5
20 Swans Children of God 5
21 The Fall Fall Heads Roll 5
22 The Revolutionary Ensemble And Now… 5
23 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice XIAO 5

And here’s my top played songs:
Rank Artist Song Number of Spins
1 The Peppermints Rabid Frogs 5
2 The Peppermints A. Hotel 4
3 Jane Berserker 4
4 Gang Gang Dance Egowar 4
5 Excepter Shoot Me First 4
6 The Pope Society of Friends 4
7 Wolf Eyes Stabbed in the Face 4
8 The Fall Blindness 3
9 Warhammer 48K Get Bodacious 3
10 Ocean The Fall 3
11 Excepter Vacation 3

general notes

So, I haven’t posted a playlist in a while. I’ve been pretty lazy and just hadn’t done it. Also, I’ve decided to stop podcasting my show. It just became too much work, especially now that I’m doing two shows. I’ve added a psychedelic pop, rock and folk show called Just Another Diamond Day. It’s a whole lot of fun to do.