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Trapped in the Closet

I would be shirking my duties as a music blogger if I did not discuss the thing that has been sucking up more of my brain time than any other recent musical event:

R. Kelly’s next set of episodes of trapped in the closet. (watch here)

There’s really not a whole lot to say. It’s awesome of course, but not as tightly plotted as 1 through 6 and not as over the top ridiculous as 7-12. R. Kelly gets to play several colorful characters which lets him continue the campiness of episodes 7-12. As much as I loved midgets popping out of cabinets, my favorite part was always the tightly written and hilarious melodrama of episodes 1-6 (which you do see some of in the new episodes in a diner scene).

The new episodes do see Kels playing a bit more free with the structure of the song (song? more like an epic poem at this point). There’s several parts where the beat drops out and the cadence of the lyrics changes quite a bit. And the ending (a huge cliffhanger, naturally) has the best & most musical use of extensive overdubbing I’ve heard in years.

Oh, and Will Oldham makes a guest appearance.

The DVD came out Tuesday, but I haven’t picked it up yet. When I get it and rewatch it, I’ll probably have more to say.